Campaign Materials

Follow the links below to download everything you need to hit the street and begin talking it up. New materials will be added throughout the course of the campaign so be sure to check back frequently. Some materials are also available in Spanish.

Volunteer Manual   



Sign-Up Sheet


On the Web



Volunteer Manual     Download PDF in color or black and white.

• Campaign manual and Talk It Up Volunteer Guide    color | b/w

Everything you need to know about Amendment 64, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, and Talk It Up, Colorado!


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Handouts    Download PDFs in color or black and white.

•  Overview of Amendment 64     color | b/w

Summary of the initiative and why to support it


•  Regulating Marijuana Works!     color | b/w

How Amendment 64 will reduce teen use and keep people out of a potentially dangerous underground market


•  Why conservatives should support Amendment 64

Front - Arguments in support of Amendment 64     color | b/w

Back - Supportive quotes from conservative leaders     b/w


•  Industrial Hemp and Amendment 64

Front - How the hemp provision can benefit Colorado     color | b/w

Back - Uses and history of industrial hemp      color | b/w


•  Former police chief: Marijuana is safer than alcohol     color | b/w

Norm Stamper's foreword to the book, Marijuana is Safer


•  Conservative leader supports ending marijuana prohibition     b/w

Evangelist Pat Robertson expresses support for regulating marijuana like alcohol


•  Moms should support regulating marijuana like alcohol      b/w

A pediatric nurse's Mother's Day column published by the Denver Post


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Flyers    Download PDFs in color or black and white.

•  Amendment 64 and why to support it

Side 1 - Overview of the initiative     color | b/w                  Side 2 - Facts and arguments in support     color | b/w


•  Marijuana vs. Alcohol                     

Side 1 - "My preference is marijuana."     color | b/w              Side 2 - Facts about marijuana and alcohol     color | b/w    


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Sign-Up Sheet    Download PDF in color or black and white.

•  Build the campaign and help track its progress    color | b/w

Sign up supporters and recruit new volunteers

To return sheets, scan and email them to      or mail them to: CRMLA, P.O. Box 40332, Denver, CO 80204


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Miscellaneous    Download PDF in color or black and white.

•  Clipboard backing    color | b/w

Get people's attention when you're out signing up supporters


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On the Web

•  Facebook Profile Picture


•  Banner Ads

Post these ads on your blog or website and link them to

120 x 600           240 x 600

150 x 150           468 x 60

172 x 340           716 x 90

240 x 240           728 x 90


Español    Descargar los PDFs en color o en blanco y negro.


Frente - Información general sobre la iniciativa   color | b/n     

Dorso - Hechos y argumentos a favor de la iniciativa    color | b/n


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